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World Cup ball Evolution
Head to head animation for 2011 Premier League
Background for death of Amy Winehouse
3D map of Britain with text and photos of the riots
2011 Nobel awards for Physics Background
Explanation on the function of Levees
Map with the route on the day of the Royal wedding in the UK
Hosni Mubarak trial
Animation showing the Greek deficit
Sting for Ramadan
Prisoner exchange between Israel and Palestine
Confidence vote for former Greek primeminister
Images of DSK withh IMF logo
Route map of the 2011 the Tour De France
Loopable background made for the Tour
De France
Animation to show Greek austerity
Greek Protests animation used for an over
the shoulder
Famine in Somalia
9/11 10 year anniversary sting
A 2d map locating Turkey and Iraq
Euro and flag background
Packshot for 2007 channel presentation for Greek
public sector channel NET
News of the world, Hugh Grant Phone hacking
A 3d map of Africa with Libya coming forward
Screen grab of a site with a statement coming